Bodyguard Services


When you’re facing a security issue of any kind in the community, you can feel confident our executive bodyguard services from National Alert Security and Protection Services can handle the situation. When others with ill intent see a bodyguard present, it’s likely to deter any future problems. Just the presence of a trained officer can be enough to keep you safe.

Security You Can Trust

If you’re looking for on-site security that you can trust, turn to the bodyguard services at National Alert Security and Protection Services. We have the means to protect your person no matter what and where you are. We’re always looking for ways to keep you protected if the unexpected happens. Our bodyguard services are trusted among the community. It’s also important to note that our team is trained and certified to help manage crowds.

Protection Outside Of Your Area

Travel with confidence when you choose our mobile security. No matter where your next meeting is or how many times you must travel for work, you’ll never have to worry about your health and safety again. Our executive bodyguard services are here to act as your own personal security guard. You never know what or who you will encounter when you leave your community. With our mobile security always on-site, you can finally get back to what matters most.

The Security Detail You Need To Feel Confident

The difference between your typical personal protection services and our services is that our team works hard to avoid all possible dangerous and harmful situations. As a certified problem solver, our executive bodyguard services are always one step ahead of the game. Constantly thinking of our next move if the unexpected happens, you’ll feel confident that your life is in the best of hands. You’re then left to focus on what’s important to you, whether that means your business, family, or something else entirely. As one of the top executive bodyguard services, we know how to keep our clients out of harm’s way.

Protecting the Community with Private Security

The reality is, there is no way to judge a person’s intent. However, with our private security officers guarding what matters most, you can feel confident you’re always protected. As a veteran owned, licensed, and vetted security agency, National Alert Security and Protection Services understands the importance of your protection. Most of our employees are former military or law enforcement, so you may have peace of mind that you are protected by only the finest personnel..

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