Community Awareness

Confronting the Threat - A Guide to Reducing Domestic and Gun Violence.

  • To make business and residential communities safe.
  • To increase community awareness about real security issues.
  • To inform and educate Americans about gun and domestic violence
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Gun Violence is a National Epidemic

” Gun Violence is a National Epidemic ”
” Tourist shot dead protecting his baby from attack by gunman ‘on mushrooms’ in Florida ”
” Female high school wrestling star shot dead in Chicago after Halloween shopping trip”
Every day, 106 Americans are killed and over 200 are injured by firearms. Americans should be outraged because this type of horror should never be acceptable in a civilized society. It’ time that “We the People of the United States ” stand together to confront the daily threats of gun violence before it becomes an uncontrollable epidemic.

Unfortunately, the facts show that we need to act soon.
” The Small Arms Survey stated that the U.S. civilians alone account for 393 million (about 46 percent) of the worldwide total of civilian-held firearms. This amounts to 120.5 firearms for every 100 residents. ” If that’s not alarming, how about these facts:

” An abuser’s access to a firearms increases the risk of femicide by at least 400% ”
” Women in the U.S. are 11 times more likely to be murdered with a gun than in other high-income nations “

It’s clear that we arexperiencing a record level of gun and domestic violence in America. However, the violence and deaths in our streets, neighborhoods, and homes will increase exponentially if we continue to legislate with “Band-Aid solutions”. WE MUST ACT NOW and pass common-sense gun laws, like the ones addressed by the Violence Project, to protect our people from the unimaginable carnage that’s quickly approaching. Did you know that researchers from this project concluded last February that 147 of the 167 mass shootings since 1996 could have been avoided? “This included all but one mass shootings in th

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Common-Sense Gun Laws = Saved Lives

Here are 6 common-sense gun laws that I and this group that can save the lives of law enforcement and Americans RIGHT NOW! It will make all of us safer and more accountable.

  • 1. Establish mandatory federal registration of all firearms
  • 2. Establish universal background checks for all firearms
  • 3. Require safe storage of firearms and ammo
  • 4. Ban assault weapons
  • 5. Keep Firearms away from violent and suicidal people
  • 6. Close the gun show and all other loopholes to buy firearms
Click Here to get your copy of Aubin's new book

Protecting the Community with Private Security

The reality is, there is no way to judge a person’s intent. However, with our private security officers guarding what matters most, you can feel confident you’re always protected. As a veteran owned, licensed, and vetted security agency, National Alert Security and Protection Services understands the importance of your protection. Most of our employees are former military or law enforcement, so you may have peace of mind that you are protected by only the finest personnel..

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