Security Officers

Residential, Commercial & Transportation Security


With National Alert Security and Protection Services, we know what you’re looking for when you’re ready to hire security officer services. As a veteran owned security company in Fort Lauderdale, our details come armed or unarmed with as much experience as you require. We’re trained in threat assessment, surveillance radar, and much more. See for yourself National Alert Security and Protection Services is trusted for residential and commercial security services.

Security Officers

Commercial Security Services

The truth is that no matter what your business entails, there’s always the possibility of a potential threat, especially if high ranking executives and other important dignitaries work there. With so much opportunity

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Residential Security Services

Here at National Alert Security and Protection Services, we understand the importance of feeling safe in your home. It’s no surprise that there are many various threats that can harm you and your loved ones

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Transportation Security Services

With our executive protection services, we make it our mission to avoid any threatening situation at all costs. We keep our personnel protected, and if a harmful circumstance arises

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Protecting Your Home And Family

When it comes to your family and your loved ones, there’s no greater task than ensuring their safety. With our residential security services, protecting families is our top priority. Being in the spotlight, whether it be due to your job, your wealth, or something else entirely, it’s vital to ensure your safety. With important assets, you can likely become a target for potential crimes. We can prevent this from happening with our security services.

The Best Security Officer Services For Your Business

The statistics don’t lie. More and more establishments are being targeted for theft. How do you plan to protect your business? With niche needs, whether you’re looking for dispensary security, or you have various dignitaries working in your establishment, or you simply want unarmed security, our commercial security services are exactly what you need. Just the presence that our security services bring is often enough to deter any potential harm.

We Understand The Importance Of Protecting People And Property

We provide transportation services in the tri-County areas of Miami-Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach to transport you locally or out of state.

Committed to Providing Excellent Service and Extreme Security

Armed Guards Can Help Protect Your Business

You don’t have to feel uncomfortable with our armed security services at your side. With most of our guards being ex-military or law enforcement officers, you can feel confident that our team knows how to handle firearms properly. You can guarantee that National Alert Security and Protection Services carry out the proper background checks, checking credentials, and ensuring we’re staffed with only the best armed security guards.

Show Assailants You Care About Your Safety

It’s proven that just having a security officer at your establishment will reduce crime rates. It’s no surprise that no matter what type of business you own, it’s inevitable that at some point, someone will think about stealing or carrying out a harmful or violent act against your company. Whether you’re looking for protection for your local school, hospital, hotel, commercial parking lot, lobby security, or even a secure site, our unarmed and armed security services are perfect for whatever you need.

Protecting the Community with Private Security

The reality is, there is no way to judge a person’s intent. However, with our private security officers guarding what matters most, you can feel confident you’re always protected. As a veteran owned, licensed, and vetted security agency, National Alert Security and Protection Services understands the importance of your protection. Most of our employees are former military or law enforcement, so you may have peace of mind that you are protected by only the finest personnel..

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